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Enjoy the peace of our

mediterranean garden

Free Wifi

Each room  equipped with hotspot, as the garden and terraces

Daily Housekeeping

Change of  linens every

three nights


Smoking allowed

only on the roof terrace

Complimentary coffee and tea

Every morning

available self-serve on our terrace




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The old town of Gallipoli is perched on a limestone island, and connects to the new part of the town, on the mainland, by an arched bridge built in the 1900s. The walls, bastions, and towers, which originally defended the town from invaders, today protect it from rough seas, while also preserving the charm of days gone by.

Gallipoli was originally inhabited by the Messapi and then by the Greeks, who called it Kalé Polis, “Beautiful City”. During this period Gallipoli ruled over vast territories, coining its own currency, until it was subdued by the Romans in 265 B.C. becoming a military station and a municipality.

During this period, thanks to the Trajan Way that joined the town to Brindisi, the town acquired a new strategic importance. After the fall of the Roman empire Gallipoli was frequently attacked during Barbaric invasions, and conquered in the 5th century by the Byzantines who fortified the city and the port.

With the conquering of the Normans in the 11th century, the Diocese of Gallipoli once more came under the jurisdiction of Rome, although the Greek rites were celebrated until 1513. Like other towns in Puglia it was ruled by the Swabians, the Angevins and the Aragones.

Under Spanish domination it enjoyed a period of peace and was embellished with churches and noble residences. It was the time of the golden age of the Salentine Baroque, during which the Castle was restored and the Cathedral rebuilt.

In the 18th century Gallipoli became part of the Kingdom of Naples and its port the most popular in the Mediterranean trade of olive oil, produced in the subterranean oil mills of Gallipoli, Salento  and Terra di Bari, used to light up lamps in the main European cities, from London to Paris to Moscow.



Tel: +39 0833 266299


via D'Ospina 19, Gallipoli, Italy 73014

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