Cathedral of Sainte Agatha

The Cathedral dedicated to S. Agatha, is the finest example of the Salentine Baroque in Gallipoli, completely built out of the local stone “carparo”. The splendid façade was completed in 1696, the interior hosts a number of important paintings from the 17th and 18th century Salentine School and local painters.



The Castle incorporated the earlier Byzantines fortifications, and underwent several reconstructions and modification until the 17th century. 


Civic Museum "Emanuele Barba"

The Coppola Collection Room was donated from the Coppola Family to the Museum in 1982, and is comprised mostly of paintings by the Gallipoli native painter Giovanni Andrea Coppola.

The Marine Museum.


Garibaldi Theatre

Daily 5 PM to 9 PM (June);  6 PM to 10 PM (July); 7 PM to 11 PM (August)

Info: 0833.264224 / 324.5574619


Hypogeum Oil Mill Granafei

Daily 10 AM to 1 PM / 3:30 PM to 6:30 PM

Info and special openings: 0833.264242 / 348.8956109

Other places to visit outside Gallipoli:

Within 15 km:

  • ALEZIO Museo Civico Messapico

  • PARABITA Sanctuary of Our Lady of Culture

  • TUGLIE Radio Museum with underground oil mill - Museum of Rural Life


Within 20 km:

  • CASARANO Miner Museum - Church of Casaranello

  • GALATONE Sanctuary of Ss. Crocifisso - Marquis Palace - Frantoio Ipogeo

  • RACALE Museum-Laboratory of Emigration

  • UGENTO Archaeological Museum - Cathedral


Within 30 Km:


Within 50 km:

  • LECCE Provincial Museum - Cathedral - Castle of Charles V - Holy Cross Church

  • OTRANTO Castle - Cathedral - Old Town


Tel: +39 0833 266299


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