Salento is a region gifted with an amazing variety of fruits, and vegetables, and a history of their traditional preparations to preserve fragrances and tastes. The area is home to a growing number of farms producing fruit and vegetables preserves and jams, baked goods, pasta, cheese, meats, wine, olive oil, and honey. Gallipoli is very well known for its fishing tradition, and for being the best place in Salento to eat fish, with a local variety of shrimps and oysters.

It is relatively easy to find these typical products in local markets and deli stores, and to taste them in the restaurants of the area.

There are all  kinds of restaurants, for all pocket and tastes. We only list the ones we love and eat ourself regularly.


Ristorante La Vinagrette

A stone-throw away from the local fish market. Wonderful raw fish, not exclusively but mostly fish. Relaxed environment.


Ristorante L’Angolo Blu 

Traditional fish menu, relaxed environment.



A modern take on traditional Salento ingredients, fixed menu. 

Via Gallipoli, 48, 73044 Galatone LE, Italy. +39 345 615 5711

Il Convitto

Wood-burning pizza oven and delicious ingredients for interesting doughs made of non-traditional flours.

Via Lecce, 73044 Galatone LE, Italy

Tel: +39 0833 266299


via D'Ospina 19, Gallipoli, Italy 73014

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