Blanc Cafe & Living Store

(no doubt the best drinks in town and best place to spend a great evening and night).

In the heart of the historical center, in an old eighteenth century oil deposit, Blanc is a Cafe' & Living Store with a sophisticated style, which offers the chance to enjoy a coffee or an aperitif, dining and unique shopping of ceramic, clothing and accessories, vintage furniture and lighting, ambient fragrances.


Tulsi Shop

Along the panoramic walk of Gallipoli fortified walls, Tulsi presents a collection of high-end cottons in natural colors, hand block printed kaftans and unique fabrics, vintage ethnic clothes and accessories.



A stone-throw away from the Cathedral, Salamastra offers bold jewelry, reptile skin flats and purses, prints kaftans, and exotic one-off decor pieces.


Boat rental

Geppe Primo Charter

For organizing a day boat trip from Gallipoli to the nearby Punta della Suina, Porto Selvaggio, Isola di Sant’Andrea or any of the beautiful beaches close to Gallipoli. Fishing, scuba diving, parties, dinners. Option of skipper and chef available on demand.


Beaches, aperitivo and clubs


A mix of sand and rocks, past Punta della Suina and before Marina di Mancaversa. Lounge, food, aperitivo, club.



Rocky location, just before getting at Punta della Suina. LGBT crowd welcome. Lounge, sushi bar, aperitivo, club.

Lido Cocoloco

Sandy beach Maldive style. Lounge, aperitivo, club.


Lido Marinelli

30 minutes drive south in San Gregorio, 5 minutes drive away from Leuca. Decks on rocks. Lounge, restaurant/bar, apertivo.


Fico D’India

Not even 5 minutes away from Litos, the best sunset with view on the cliffs of Porto Selvaggio and Torre Uluzzo. Aperitivo, music and dive bar.


Litos Porto Selvaggio

Deck on rocks, 5 minutes north  of Porto Selvaggio. Lounge, bar, aperitivo.

Lido Beija-Flor


Deck on rocks, 20 minutes north of Gallipoli, in Santa Caterina. Lounge, bar, aperitivo.

Tel: +39 0833 266299


via D'Ospina 19, Gallipoli, Italy 73014

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